by Artaxerxes


In Autumn 2012, the end of a tunnel collapsed near Durham, in the north-east of England. At the time of the accident, the only vehicle in the tunnel was a bus, the rear part of which was entirely crushed. The driver and seven passengers managed to walk away from the accident. Four of the passengers and the driver remained by the tunnel entrance, but three of the passengers immediately ran away across the fields yelling.

This would be unremarkable except that in Spring 2012, a nightclub in Berlin was struck by lightning and burned down. The compere and, again, seven other people escaped. Again, three of the people immediately ran away into the city.

To date, there have been twenty-three such incidents. The obsessive student of the unexplained is recommended to go to the website for this book, where there is a full list.

For the less assiduous, we will give details of one more of the incidents here. In 2005, in an industrial estate just outside Reading, England, an industrial centrifuge suffered spontaneous fatigue and spread shrapnel over a considerable area. The site supervisor and seven other people walked away, three of whom immediately hid in an adjoining warehouse.

In each case, police have immediately dismissed foul play, but have admitted that in each incident the three who have made a hasty exit have been the same three people.

A police spokesperson declined to name the three individuals, describing them only as “extremely unlucky”.

Zen’s Strange but True, 2013 edition, p. 5