AT THE REQUEST of the Lord Elffin, Prince of Ceredigion, whose patronage sustains us, THE THRUSTING SENSATIONS announce their recording of the KNIGHT OF INFINITE RESIGNATION (or, A Musical Joke) in stereophonic sound. Proudly recorded in six ENGLISH counties and ten ENGLISH years by Mr. Artaxerxes and Miss. Janus with the assistance of Miss. Ereskigal and many others.

THE PERFORMANCE was recorded onto wax cylinder by Mr. Collett and will soon be presented here in order, split into twelve parts for your convenience:
one. Asperges Me (Not a Psalm of David)
two. The Hypothermia Blues (or, Terminal Burrow)
three. Scenes From a Wedding (or, The Marriage of the Fire-Under-Water and Gale)
four. The Swan Song
five. Travelling Wine
six. Lullaby (A Song for A)
seven. Interlude: Cantabile from Sonatina No. 1; The Tube-Worm Barbecue; Hekla
eight. Vesuvius (or, The Daughters of Neptune)
nine. Your Heart Is Axiomatic
ten. All My Certainty
eleven. The Battle of the Trees (A Song of Taliesin)
twelve. Winter (or, Two Ante Meridiem)
Illustrated vignettes have also been published. Please do not dispose of in fire.