We have swum for a decade in the eyes of a fish. We have been the smoke that rises skywards, and the water that plunges down through the gorge. We have been the turning underpinnings of Caer Sidi. We have escaped from that same castle. There is nothing that we have not been.

MC Janus

As for the templum Jani in the Forum, which was not exactly a temple, and which was attributed to Numa, its precise location has not been determined: according to Livy (1.19.2), it was at the foot of the Argiletum, according to Macrobius (1.9.17), at the foot of the Viminal. There are also discussions, which nonreconcilable texts provide with ammunition, about the number of the famous doors—two? one?—about their location, about their very nature, and about the meaning of the expression Janus Geminus. But this does not affect the theory of the god.
— Dumézil, Archaic Roman Religion tr. Krapp, p. 332

B-girl Ereskigal

When Ereshkigal heard this,
As when one hews down a tamarisk she trembled,
As when one cuts a reed, she shook:
“What has moved her heart, what has stirred her liver?
Ho there, does this one wish to dwell with me?
To eat clay as food, to drink dust as wine?
I weep for the men who have left their wives.
I weep for the wives torn from the embrace of their husbands;
For the little ones cut off before their time.
Go, gatekeeper, open thy gate for her,
Deal with her according to the ancient decree.”
— Anon, The Descent of Ishtar into the Underworld,
ll. 28-38 tr. M. Jastrow

DJ Artaxerxes

DJ Artaxexes sings. He also likes snow.